Saturday, February 17, 2007

My First Blog and Posting!!!! Roll out the barrel!

Welcome to my blog or is that smog? Not really sure what the hell I'm going to be posting here - actually came across this by accident trying to leave a comment for a friends blog. But now that I have had to go thru this process ...

Please note that this is MY blog and if you don't like what I say, by all means leave a comment or 3 but if you get abusive I will just delete it and if you don't like what I have said then skedaddle! Another thing my spelling sux so I will obviously do the spell check etc etc but if you find typo's and things are not grammatically correct - correct me with kindness please - no need to get abusive! And FYI - I use a LOT of slang

I'm a s'affie living in the heart of dixie surrounded by hills - or is that hillbillies hahahahahaha. Love them - actually I love all walks of life - I love people - I enjoy all cultures - although there are some I am not too keen on - but we wont go into that right here! Live and let live is my general motto - I am not big on punctuation as you will find out and I use a lot of slang - I love different characteristics of people and their use of slang and dialects - whether its regional or just sommer how they used to say it a home - I love it and makes this world a very colourful place to be in, in my estimation.

I love the USA and even though I love South Africa I don't think I will be moving back. Although I miss a lot of things from there. The thing I miss the most is the sense of humour, I believe that there is no sense of humour on earth that can come close to that of a South African - and don't get me wrong I love the Australian, Brit, American and yes even the German sense of humour and for those that have the notion that Gerrie's don't have a sense of humour - you are so so so so wrong!

I miss the cape town sense of humour too and let me tell you that is almost only found in Cape Town - Things like now is the hour for cauliflower! - Jay, Jay (fingers pointing in all direction) is 'n nothing, 'n nobody, a FULL STOP! - I giggle when I think of those.

Of course I miss the normal things like, bovril, boerewors, biltong (although the hubby has managed to build a neat biltong drying box and has made some delicious billies). Other things like smoked snoek, fresh hake from the fishhoek fisheries - What I wouldn't give for a piece of that right now - and steak and kidney pie from kak 'n betaal yummmmmmmy - funny how its all food stuff hahahahahahaah.

I also miss the beautiful Cape scenery, nothing like driving to work over chapman's peak to avoid all the traffic jams on the M2 or is that M5? Cant remember.

The most important thing that I miss are my friends & family. But thanks to the wonderful world of technology I can chat to them over Skype with camera's a glowing and coffee cups a going so it feels like you're visiting.

So here I am in Alabama, I became a USA citizen in May of last year. That was something I must say - very emotional day for me and proud day for my hubby.

Well I hope you visit from time to time and leave comments - I will sign off from here for now and spot ya later!