Thursday, September 4, 2008

And you thought I farted and flew out the window huh?

Well howdy folks - I haven't been in the mood to blog of late as you can tell - my last post being July - well to be honest I was also so caught up in the Olympics - I was glued to the telly - WOW wasn't that something hey - Way To GO China!!! I tell you the opening ceremony was out of this world - talk about fanbloodytasic hey - I got goosebumps. And then watched the swimming - bloody hell hows that Phelps guy - he is a dolphin I swear - so I am another Phelps Phan hey - shame and his mom well all the Olympians mothers actually I saw them going through their child's event as if they were doing it themselves - so cute hey.

And hows that Star from SA - Natalie Du Toit - one of the NBC broadcasters here in the States interviewed her just before her event and after the Olympics were over he said his most memorable moment that he will take with him all his life is to have been able to watch this magnificent woman compete - I had tears rolling down my face hey - way to go Natalie and all that with only half the leg-propulsion of your rivals. WOW.

I did have a list posted in this post earlier but it was long and didn't really work and Jayne rightly messaged me saying that it was long and hurt her eyes trying to read it and when I edited it - well needless to say a TOTAL screw up and then I thought Aggggg neeee FOKDIT - and deleted it - too much hassle.

Also talking about the Olympics which I didn't know - that little girl that the world saw singing - well she was lip syncing - because the little girl whose voice we heard was not pretty enough so they had her sing the song and that little girl appear - I thought what a bunch of assholes hey - I was so wowed at the ceremonies and so impressed at the whole Chinese nation for that show and what a wonderful experience type thing until I heard that and I thought my goodness that certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth!

So although I still liked the ceremony - those people that made that decision should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!