Sunday, May 25, 2008

Arguing With Myself

A good friend of mine recently sent me an email with a link to a ventriloquist/comedian's video on you tube and it got me thinking, about how hard that is, to talk so clearly without showing it and then the trail of thought went to talking to oneself - well I have to say - I talk to myself often - when I am alone - I have fat conversations with myself, discussions, arguments, you name it and I've done it hahahah they say - I am still trying to find out who the hell they are?? - but anyhow they say that is the first sign of madness - quite honestly I find it a way of venting too - so those people who say they don't - are lying - we all do, some are just more verbose about it than others!

Thank heavens for the blue tooth invention hey - I now have a really good excuse when I'm driving down the road talking to my merry little self and some Ou tannie looks at me having a major chin wag and I am alone in the car - at least now she says oh shes on one of those funny little things that fit into the ear hahahahaha isn't technology bloody marvelous!!!!

There was this ventriloquist that won the America's got talent competition and he was amazing his name is Terry Factor and this was my intro to him and it melted our hearts I must say...

There is a comedian/ventriloquist here called Jeff Dunham and he has several characters he does - this is the guy/link I mentioned earlier that a friend of mine had sent me and I laughed so hard I had to share it with you - although I am familiar with Jeff Dunham's work I had never seen this video so check it out. He introduces two of his characters called Peanut and Jalapeno on a stick - too funny - so enjoy...

He has several characters I must say one of our favourites is Walter - he is a grumpy old man and honestly reminds me so much of Walter Matthau - who I laugh at just looking at his face.

Anyway here is Jeff Dunham and Walter...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Seeing that I live in the deep South I have to post Jeff Dunham's Character Bubba J...

He has several other characters, so for a good laugh check them out on you tube - look for Achmed the dead terrorist, Melvin, and Sweet Daddy D to name but a few others.

Anyhoo enjoy talking to yourselves and even answering yourselves back ( I do that too hahahaha) its when you DON'T DO what the voices in your head tell you to do that you have to start worrying hahahaha Ciao china's check you later!

Monday, May 19, 2008

See See Senoraaaaaaa

I yaaaa ya yaaaa Si Si Sen youraaaaaa, My sistaaaa Belindaaaa She pissed out the windaaaaa right on my new sambreroooooooooooo

Well it's Tuesday today - yesterday I went to have the eyeballs tested for the first time in my life - well actually I had an eye test when I got my drivers license in South Africa and was told by the oak with the funny mossie attached to his face - dayam his moustache looked like he had cut it while bundu bashing in his 4 x 4 - up over the ear, down the side - zoop over the lip and under the nose and dips and up and well you get the pic! - anyway he said I could see better with one eye than two - real comforting words as he hands me my license hahaha but hey at 17 who cares what some old ballie says to you - I remember running out and shouting YAYAYAYA down the passage at the local DMV and waving my license at all the poor guys sitting waiting for their test results on their written test!

Well anyway the eyeballs are still there - need some glasses for driving and night time - but then I'm getting on in age so I guess its time. My friends father was an optometrist and she told me he always maintained that after 40 a woman needs glasses - I laughed at my other friend when she had to get them - after complaining she couldn't see her food hahahahah - now I guess its my turn - so the teasing will start - what goes around comes around huh hahahahah.

But I tell you the doc's breath stank hey - I nearly said to him hey Doc you need a mint hey! but was a little worried at him lobbing on $'s onto the bill - like the time my Mom went to Kak en betaal (Zan's way of saying Pick N Pay) and she went off at the price of cheese hey because just last week it was this much and then now its that much and look here is one the same size and check the diffs in price - she went on and on at one of the workers there - and the capie guy says to her - ag ladie rather take the cheap one and let some other lady complain hahahahahahahahaahs - she found that so bloody funny hey - made her day.

My Mom always taught us to go to the top when complaining - if you don't get satisfaction right there and then go to the top.

Well let me tell you this little tale of two titties! My Mom and I needed to go and get some veggies and we were cleaning the house and really looked like to bergies - I had different coloured socks on and an old pair of track suit pants and a t-shirt - slopppppy delux! - and my mom had her sloppy pants on and her slippers nogal - and a doek on her head more like a turban type thingy but still a doek - hahahah and we get there and the tommies were rotten and they were expensive and my mother being the woman we all know - a real vat nie kak woman - Aunty Rotter will attest to that one - anyway she calls the manager over and complains bitterly about the price and they are rotten to boot - well he took one look at us - and must have been having a real kak day too - he told her in no uncertain terms if she didn't like his prices she can leave and not come back - this is out local store mind you!

Well she was so pissed off hey - she marched out of there and we get home and she gets on the phone and starts calling - I have no idea who the hell she speaks to but it sounded like the entire Spar company hahahah - this mind you is the spar and their ad's on telly are spewing out how fresh their produce is and just how bloody marvelous they are - they even had that DJ from Radio 5 the Irish guy somebody Bailey - cant think of his first name - anyway he said if you're not satisfied call me as part of their ad campaign well - sure enough Beryl calls hey and kaks all over them!

Well 2 days later there is a knock at the door and I open hahahahahaah and here stands one of the employee's from the Spar - with a note of apology from the manager who asked us to leave - and a HUGE hamper of fresh veggies and fruit - hahahaahahah - the 3 of us ate off of that for some time hahahahah.

I tell you talking about food stuffs etc - things sure are going up and up in prices hey - I know the rest of the world has been complaining for a long time or at least a few years that I know - friends and family have been telling me - but we are feeling it now with the gas prices hiking up like they are - but hows this... In April and May 2006 these were the prices in the different countries...

Venezuela - $0.12 per gallon (p/g), Kuwait - $0.78 p/g, Argentina $2.21 p/g, China $2.40 p/g, South Africa $3.70 p/g, Germany $6.10 p/g, Rome $6.15 p/g, UK $6.36 p/g and Norway $6.99 p/g - in May 2006 the price in the USA was $2.90 p/g and today its averaging at $7.73 p/gal. So I guess the rest of the world has been feeling it for sometime now - its about time we did too.

Personally I cannot wait for the day we can tell all the oil companies/suppliers thanx but no thanx - and get into our electric cars or hydrogen cars. The tesla is really a nice car hey - very pricey right now but really cool (

The only thing I don't really like is its a convertible - not overly keen on them. But hey all I can say - Opec and the like - start counting your days as they are numbered!

I have to say my favourite car is the beetle I just love them - always have and always will - I really would like one of those new beetles (well they are not so new now - new to me that is hahah) And it has to be lime green!!! - hows this one I found cute man!

I remember when I was still living in Suspension City - someone had taken a bright yellow bug and converted it to a noddy car I LOVED IT HEY - it was for sale at one time but I couldn't afford pout pout - it looked like this car ...

But painted like Noddy's car ...

Cute as a button!!!!!

Hows these VW Commercials I found heheheheh...


I have so many stories to tell y'all about my beetles - but thats for another day - I'm off - need to get some real life stuff done - so - what do you call 2 bugs that live on the moon? Luna Ticks!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now this is what I call bloody marvelous!

A Chinese peasant has made a solar water heater - using only beer bottles and hoses. The beer bottles lie on a board in rows, all connected by hoses which allow cold water to flow through them and be heated by the sun. "I invented this for my mother. I wanted her to shower at any time more comfortably," says Ma Yanjun, a carpenter, of Qiqiao village, Shaanxi Province. "A real solar water heater is too expensive to me, so I came up with the idea of making one on my own. "I hope this invention can be promoted nationwide, and allow mothers in undeveloped rural areas to have a hot shower." Ma has now helped more than 20 families in the village to make and install their own beer bottle solar water-heaters. He says he will build a public bathroom for the village using his invention when he has the money to buy enough beers.

The article...

Anyway talking about going green - aren't you all getting a little tired of Mr Al Gore (or is that BORE - yawn yawn) telling the world its all our fault this planet is such a kak plek? When he then gets into his big hummer and goes home to his mansion- who's electricity could light up a small town - granted he has since put in solar energy, but I guess not before he made all the bucks telling us how we suck! Don't get me wrong I am all for doing my part - but I just get a little PO'd when celebs or is that plebs hahhaha tell us we are all at fault and what we should be doing and yet they themselves dont do it - ummm Sheryl Crow said we should only use one sheet of loo paper to wipe your bum - wat jy waar kry!!!!! THATS NASTY!!!! - eeewww streptococci comes to mind!

I am so chuffed that spring is here hey well gee almost summer now - but all the blooms - my jasmine is blooming so beautifully for the first time I might add - I have had it for 2 years and not seen one flower on the bloody thing then come to find out that I haven't been watering it enough hahahahah - yip my mother had the green fingers and my sister has - I don't - never paid attention - except to the sweet peas .... NOT - this bugged me so much, my mom asked me once to plant the sweet pea's for her and I so didn't want to do it - all I wanted to do was party! anyway I reluctantly took the seeds and BLIKSEMED them into the ground in temper - I mean I could be missing out on some party right now MAA!! - well that season my mother had her best spread of sweet pea's she ever had. Burnt my ring so because every flipping year after that I HAD to plant the bloody sweet pea's hahahahahahahah - I guess there is a lesson to be learned in all that.

My sister is planting like crazy as my nephew is going to be married this year and they are having the reception in her garden, so she is planting like there is no tomorrow in order to have her garden looking like an eden - she is so good at decorating and the like that I know its going to be stunning - can't wait to see the pics - will post a few when they come.

Last year I tried to grow my own tomatoes - but I wanted to try those upside down planting ways so that they basically hang - well let me tell you what a waste of time and energy that was - I was told firstly tommies LOVE water and 2ndly because its upside down - you have to water them even more because of the water running away from the root and to water them everyday. Well shitfar I watered my meilie off and got like 2 tommies - eventually I thought jou moer - you want water pray for rain - well I would water it like once a week if it was lucky the rest was thanx to the rain - and that is when I got the most of the tommies from that - but I tell you never again. What I did love though was I took an old bath and filled it with good soil and drainage and planted herbs - parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme - yes that was hubbies suggestion - I also had basil and chives in it and it was lovely - nothing nicer than fresh herbs at your fingertips - well when we get into our own home I will do that again.

I actually prefer it in a bath type container - much easier to control and handle - I also want to get some honey suckle too as I just love the smell of that - so fragrant. The soil where we are now is not that great for growing anything other than weeds and grass hahahah - I would have to spend quite a bit on mulch and stuff like that to make it rich growing soil - and I don't want to do it here as it's a rental. So once we are in our own spot then I will do it and have loads of fun - perhaps start my own compost heap - but for now I will stick to pot plants - hahahahahah talking about pot plants - I sure got some funny looks from the sales lady when I asked where their pot plants are in the shop hahahahah its called POTTED PLANTS around these part - pot plant is a wacky tabacky plant hahahahahahahaha.

Well y'all take care now - time for me to go and mow the lawn and get my exercise in too - I think we are in for some bad weather, I heard the weather man jumping around a bit - but from what I can see its beautiful blue skies - so I am off like a bad smell...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Hearts Are With You Di

My Dear Friend Di lost her darling father to cancer this week and I want to take this time to send her and her family my love and burn a candle for her Dad - Such a wonderful man - originally from Natal and what nice soul - salt of the earth - he spoke fluent Zulu - was amazing to hear - he was a sugar cane farmer - full of life and fun and lots of jokes and always smiling just like his daughter. Anyway this is for Di's Dad.

The pics below - These are pictures I recently received from my friend Zan, which were taken in our home we lost to a fire last year - kind of cried when I saw these as I haven't been back to the site since the fire, even though we still have a storage trailer there.

I thought they were lovely pics of Zan, my hubby and Eddie - who is like my child - the pic of me is one of yester year - taken many many moons ago - I will not post pics of me of late as I have put on so much weight!

Anyway these are lovely pics of my friend Zan and the rest - good memories and fun was had by all.

Check out my Slide Show!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back in the world of business

Well today was my first day back in the rat race - after a 4 year sabbatical from the working life - well office - a womans work is never done - actually that is not true really - well not for me - my hubby doesn't mind cooking and cleaning and doing his share if need be.

I just think as a rule - the one that stays home should be the one that cleans and does the house work - but when both are working its shared.

I must say after not being at work for so long - 4 years is the longest I have not worked - sure is tiring hey but SUCH a good feeling.

I am temping at the moment so its only for a few days - I think its cool for now and also I can then decide when I want to work. Although I can see that I wont BE saying no to any assignments anytime soon as I am THRILLED to be working again - should have done this a long time ago. The only time I would though is if one of my gabba's come out to visit from overseas and then I can have that time off - but for the most part its work as usual or should I say till the next assignment or hopefully a permanent position I really want comes along.

Anyway so far so good and I will let you know how it was by the end of this assignment for now - I feel good, I am tired but its a good tired and I need to get to bed so night all and SALA KAHLE