Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now this is what I call bloody marvelous!

A Chinese peasant has made a solar water heater - using only beer bottles and hoses. The beer bottles lie on a board in rows, all connected by hoses which allow cold water to flow through them and be heated by the sun. "I invented this for my mother. I wanted her to shower at any time more comfortably," says Ma Yanjun, a carpenter, of Qiqiao village, Shaanxi Province. "A real solar water heater is too expensive to me, so I came up with the idea of making one on my own. "I hope this invention can be promoted nationwide, and allow mothers in undeveloped rural areas to have a hot shower." Ma has now helped more than 20 families in the village to make and install their own beer bottle solar water-heaters. He says he will build a public bathroom for the village using his invention when he has the money to buy enough beers.

The article...

Anyway talking about going green - aren't you all getting a little tired of Mr Al Gore (or is that BORE - yawn yawn) telling the world its all our fault this planet is such a kak plek? When he then gets into his big hummer and goes home to his mansion- who's electricity could light up a small town - granted he has since put in solar energy, but I guess not before he made all the bucks telling us how we suck! Don't get me wrong I am all for doing my part - but I just get a little PO'd when celebs or is that plebs hahhaha tell us we are all at fault and what we should be doing and yet they themselves dont do it - ummm Sheryl Crow said we should only use one sheet of loo paper to wipe your bum - wat jy waar kry!!!!! THATS NASTY!!!! - eeewww streptococci comes to mind!

I am so chuffed that spring is here hey well gee almost summer now - but all the blooms - my jasmine is blooming so beautifully for the first time I might add - I have had it for 2 years and not seen one flower on the bloody thing then come to find out that I haven't been watering it enough hahahahah - yip my mother had the green fingers and my sister has - I don't - never paid attention - except to the sweet peas .... NOT - this bugged me so much, my mom asked me once to plant the sweet pea's for her and I so didn't want to do it - all I wanted to do was party! anyway I reluctantly took the seeds and BLIKSEMED them into the ground in temper - I mean I could be missing out on some party right now MAA!! - well that season my mother had her best spread of sweet pea's she ever had. Burnt my ring so because every flipping year after that I HAD to plant the bloody sweet pea's hahahahahahahah - I guess there is a lesson to be learned in all that.

My sister is planting like crazy as my nephew is going to be married this year and they are having the reception in her garden, so she is planting like there is no tomorrow in order to have her garden looking like an eden - she is so good at decorating and the like that I know its going to be stunning - can't wait to see the pics - will post a few when they come.

Last year I tried to grow my own tomatoes - but I wanted to try those upside down planting ways so that they basically hang - well let me tell you what a waste of time and energy that was - I was told firstly tommies LOVE water and 2ndly because its upside down - you have to water them even more because of the water running away from the root and to water them everyday. Well shitfar I watered my meilie off and got like 2 tommies - eventually I thought jou moer - you want water pray for rain - well I would water it like once a week if it was lucky the rest was thanx to the rain - and that is when I got the most of the tommies from that - but I tell you never again. What I did love though was I took an old bath and filled it with good soil and drainage and planted herbs - parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme - yes that was hubbies suggestion - I also had basil and chives in it and it was lovely - nothing nicer than fresh herbs at your fingertips - well when we get into our own home I will do that again.

I actually prefer it in a bath type container - much easier to control and handle - I also want to get some honey suckle too as I just love the smell of that - so fragrant. The soil where we are now is not that great for growing anything other than weeds and grass hahahah - I would have to spend quite a bit on mulch and stuff like that to make it rich growing soil - and I don't want to do it here as it's a rental. So once we are in our own spot then I will do it and have loads of fun - perhaps start my own compost heap - but for now I will stick to pot plants - hahahahahah talking about pot plants - I sure got some funny looks from the sales lady when I asked where their pot plants are in the shop hahahahah its called POTTED PLANTS around these part - pot plant is a wacky tabacky plant hahahahahahahaha.

Well y'all take care now - time for me to go and mow the lawn and get my exercise in too - I think we are in for some bad weather, I heard the weather man jumping around a bit - but from what I can see its beautiful blue skies - so I am off like a bad smell...


Jayne said...

I'd do anything to be able to have a garden here.....as it is, I'm actually grateful that I've got a balcony bigger than broom cupboard! I have a coupla oleanders, a frangipani that refuses to flower, a jasmine, coupla cactii & 4 bougainvilleas that my husband accuses me of murdering on a regular basis! How anything survives - despite regular water & swearing - is beyond me really.
I must stop this! I'm getting really anti rag'ead just lately & am starting to get cravings of 3rd world Africa again!

Moonie said...

Oh my goodness I don't even know what a bloody fragipani is or oleanders for that matter - you have greener fingers than me doll!- will be googling that after this post - you know I wanted to tell you - I read and was told regarding Bougainvilleas that if you let them get thirsty often they will bloom more - its like if you water them constantly they are too content - so make them work for their water man - hell I didn't even think you could cultivate them in a pot plant - I'm going to try that for sure because i LOVE bougies!! such a pretty spray when they are in bloom hey?