Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Hearts Are With You Di

My Dear Friend Di lost her darling father to cancer this week and I want to take this time to send her and her family my love and burn a candle for her Dad - Such a wonderful man - originally from Natal and what nice soul - salt of the earth - he spoke fluent Zulu - was amazing to hear - he was a sugar cane farmer - full of life and fun and lots of jokes and always smiling just like his daughter. Anyway this is for Di's Dad.

The pics below - These are pictures I recently received from my friend Zan, which were taken in our home we lost to a fire last year - kind of cried when I saw these as I haven't been back to the site since the fire, even though we still have a storage trailer there.

I thought they were lovely pics of Zan, my hubby and Eddie - who is like my child - the pic of me is one of yester year - taken many many moons ago - I will not post pics of me of late as I have put on so much weight!

Anyway these are lovely pics of my friend Zan and the rest - good memories and fun was had by all.


Jayne said...

(said in a kaap accent)(but with my teeth in) Ag jerra skattie hoe gaan dit? (Scuse the spelling!) Thank you for the wonderful reference & link you have........she says, puffing out her ample chest. I'm the eternal rebel-without-a-clue hon & suffer from Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome something shocking, but fuck it, we only get one life, so I'll make the most of it!
Ahhh, so many things I miss about SA, but right now, I'm really missing my 'nest' in Gonubie. I need to take Grandma(s) ashes home, need to breathe in the smell of home again. *sigh*
Condolences to your friend hon - right now, I truly know how she's feeling :-(

Gimmee 5mins & I'll add you to my blog roll. Keep up the good blogging & don't work too hard!

Moonie said...

Oh wow Jayne so cool of you to drop by and thanx for the well wishes too - and you're right we only get one life so we HAVE to make the most of it. Take care and remember if I don't check you thru the week - I'll check you thru the window hahahahah squad cars - now theres a blast from the past hey! Never mind that - Springbok radio is a blast from the past - I remember once listening to 702 and Old John Berks morning show - some woman caller had won some competition he was having and as normal when you win on any radio station they always ask - So Joe Bloggs what's your favourite radio station????? - and the caller always says the name of the station they won the prize on - hahahaa anyway this old bokkie was asked the question and klip hard she shouts Springbok radio hahahaha I nearly flippen crashed the car I laughed to so hard! - there was just silence and eventually they went to commerical- very funny - bless her heart she honestly meant it too. Anyway thanx for the comments and thanx for your wonderful sense of humour too - cry laughing at you.

Aunty Rotter said...

Ah...this is turning into a right little tea party hey!

I'm so happy you have a blog now!

Jayne said...

OMG moonie, when I first arrived in Sunny Safrica, we lived in a fancy duplex in Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria. I can clearly remember (this was '76) listening to Sprrrringbok radio on a Saturday morning - to Gruesome Gresh's Top 20 & episodes of Jet Jungle, between the ads of Black Cat Peanut Butter! (Bugger, I suddenly feel very bloody old!) I tune into Jeremy Mansfield on Highveld 94.7 somedays, when I feel a bit homesick & normally have a laugh, but I must admit, in his heyday, Berksie was classic :-)

Thank you for making me remember :-))

Moonie said...

Hahahahahah Gruesome Gresh now theres a blast from the past hey Flipppppinghek I havent thought of him in a while - you know once a friend and I were at the beach in Durbs - and do you remember those hats - like the material hats old ballies wear - my dad had one (hat that is hahaha)- hahaha - well springbok radio would sell them every xmas to generate bucks for either the radio station or charity - but it had SPRINGBOK RADIO written all over it in colourful letters etc - anyway a friend of mine and I were on holiday in Durbs and we were on the beach and - it was packed - there were 2 guys laying near us about 2 feet away - we really giggled at this because a really sexy woman walked by and this guy got a raging woody - and ill be damned if he didnt take his flipping springbok radio hat and put it over the woody to try and hide it - poor fella - its hard to hide that anyway and in a speedo nogal hahahahahaha but still he could have used a towel or turned over! But anyway when ever I hear of think of springbok radio that comes to mind and I giggle hahahahah old gruesome gresh I LOVED HIM and the top 20. Do you remember Squad Cars? or Men from the Ministry? now who's old???? hahahahah