Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Zambia One Nation

I recently read Raven's (see link to her blog on the right) link to Ian Smith and thought it was so good I would email the link to my buddies too as I am sure a lot of them would like to read it. In the article it mentioned how Mr Smith would travel as prime minister - which really impressed me - and I recalled a memory as a kid of Kaunda's motorcade etc and got a response back from Cosmic and Raven which is just tooo funny to remain in emails so here it is ...

I wrote:
Wow, I haven't read this book - would like to - but thought this was interesting and perhaps you would too - and I am sure there are those of you out there that may have a different story about him - I for one am impressed with how he traveled unlike the fat cats.
I remember in Zambia when Kaunda drove in his motorcade - and for a radius of X amount of miles around him EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE from cars to pedestrians had to stand still - I mean really if that isn't just a little much!!!!
I still remember when I was in my early 20's telling this very same story at a dinner with work colleagues and one guy I worked with - well his wife (funny she was south African and he was a Brit) kakked me out from a dizzy height telling me that she had read Kaunda's life story and how he struggled and what a hard life he had - I was totally ignorant to this fact - and didn't know what to say and as a result looked like a complete idiot - this was a total liberal recognizing someone that was ignorant and wanted to use her knowledge of the topic to totally belittle someone to put their point across which she was able to do - but I tell you she wouldn't get away with that with me today I would rip her a new one!!!
Anyway here is the link

Cosmic wrote:" Ya I'm sure it would be very interesting indeed. As for the stupid cow who read the book on Kaunda and obviously knew everything about him.... I so wish you gave her carrots because I vividly remember that!!! Do your remember in the bioscope, before the movie started. they would play a film clip of a big brass band playing the national anthem. Everybody had to stand up and at the end of it all some "indigenous biped" would say in a deep voice. "ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION" then you could sit down. When TV started... One Zambia one Nation.... When TV ended.... One Zambia One Nation, Faaargin Hell!!! Even the damn parrot would whistle the tune and, One Zambia One Nation the whole day long and then tell its itself, SHUTUP JIMMY!!!"

I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard at that about the parrot!!!!

Raven wrote: "Oh Moonie, tell Cosmic I remember the 'One Zambia, one nation' speech...I nearly cracked up when I read it again after all these, when my Ouma heard that jungle ape screaming One Zambia, One nation...she would shout back, 'One airport, one station'...hahaha..! I had forgotten about that trip....thanks for the memory!"

Just to add to this btw - I remember my mother telling me of how she was nearly jailed - it was a HUGE gedoente - by law every shop, business etc had to have a picture of Kaunda hanging somewhere - I was a toddler so didn't know where exactly - I think she said on the front of the business in the window like a license clear for all to see - my mother ran a restaurant at the club house in Kalulushi - someone had taken a cigarette and burned out the eye's of Kaunda's picture on the front of my mom's restaurant - she got into big shit for that and had to do some explaining down at the station - they were going to jail her and fine her a huge amount apparently and finally after many hours of explaining they let her off lightly but she had to replace the photo with a undamaged one IMMEDIATELY - she said she was very lucky to get off with that - so much for the hard done by poor man huh - funny how you hear stories of people that have had such a hard life and then when they get the power they then treat others badly. One would think that seeing that they had first hand knowledge on how it felt they wouldn't do that to others hey?- anyway all this sounds so familiar - I remember seeing a program on North Korea - now theres a scary guy and of course that egotistical SOB in Zimbabwe - those drums are beating boys hear them well!!!

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