Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adios Saudi Oil! - Let a Bug Poop in your Tank

I can just see the slogans now - Get a Scoop of Bug Poop / CRAP: Completely Renewable Available Petroleum or Completely Renewable Arse Petroleum hahahahaha. I think its time we all say goodbye to the Middle East's oil and the hold the oil companies (whom ever they are and all their cannonies) have on the world/people/countries - welcome to the new bug that eats waste and excretes petroleum.

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I just had a fantastic week - My gabba from Cape Town Di well her son Patrick came to stay with us for a week - He is a sailor does charter sailing all over the world mainly in the Med and Caribbean - he is taking some time off and just traveling the world at the mo - anyway I was sick but so excited that I didn't care - I may be coughing like a cowboy but I refused to be in bed. Van another friend of mine and myself jolled with Patrick all week - we went to the Space and Rocket centre - they went up all the rides I chickened out - I have been on that space shot once before and nearly had to go home and change my knickers so although I'm usually a bok for a joll - when I am not well its another story - we also went to Point Mallard a water park near us and it was so much fun - again they all went on the slides etc I just chilled in the wave pool which was divine as its been as hot as hell here and its only the bloody beginning of summer.

We had friends over for a braai (fish and burgers - those that don't eat fish had burgers) We were going to launch Patrick's rocket he bought from the Space and Rocket centre but we left it too late and it got too dark and we were also a bit nervous launching it around the house as there are neighbours too what if the bloody thing fell over and still launched into our HOUSE!!!! YIKES hahahahah - Anyway the evening turned out great and the food was good. We launched the rocket off later on in the week - see the video below...

We went out on Friday night to a really nice Italian restaurant and I FINALLY found some place that HAS calamari and KNOWS how to cook it too so I for one will definitely be back there - their name is Carrabbas Italian Grill - really good food and lovely atmosphere.

I really giggle here when I ask about Calamari , or kidney or oxtail and I get these looks - like eewwwww from some people and then I giggle and say you say ewwww to Calamari yet you sell pickled pigs feet or pickled eggs in a jar eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww hahahahahaha

Funny how in different places there are so many weird things huh - like frogs legs now I will eat snails up the ying yang but don't bring frogs legs near me - or raw oysters - smoked or cooked I just love them but raw - eeeewwww gross its like snot going down your throat.

Anyway back to Patrick - Here is Patrick and Van's Space Shot...

Patrick's Rocket Launch or Rocket Man as Mark has started to call him.  You will hear my voice in this one - I didn't realize the camera had sound - hahahahah I sound drunk here and Eddie is barking at the rocket thinking its his toy hahahaha

Anyway y'all thats about it from me y'all come back now ya hear!! Hamba Kahle, Sala Kahle


Anonymous said... now I know why you have been so slap gat with updating your've been jolling.
Glad to hear you had a good time.

As for the oil crisis..well, I had my car converted to run on gas and it cut my running costs down to a third, which believe me is a biggie here if one considers that a litre of Super costs €1,60... that's R16,oo for the Saffas to compare...

take care

Jayne said...

I drive a gas guzzler here, but am lucky enough not to have to pay for fuel, however when I go home, the Beemer will be traded in for a more efficient smaller car, just for running around. I don't give a shit how much my Harley uses!!!

We're taking a bunch of guys over for a tour of the Lowveld in Oct & I'm sooo looking forward to them trying mopani worms hehehe!

Moonie skat, the music thingy you've got on your blog is trying to compete with another song......I dunno what's going on hon, but could you check it out?

Moonie said...

Hey there Rave - hahaha about the slap gat in blogging - VOK hahaha half the time I spend reading your stuff man - you should write books man hahahaha - about the gas my goodness I know I have heard what the prices are there - real bad and btw i just love your little smartie hahahahah cute as a button.

Jayne - you lucky fish you about the gas guzzler and not having to pay a cent for it - and with regards to the Harley well there I dont blame you - that is pure love right there and worth every cent you have to put in to ride it down the road.

About the music comp on the blog I think i have managed to fix the problem - not sure if it is - am all new to this - let me know if its still doing it and ill just sommer delete all sound.

You guys thanx for taking the time to come by and drop a comment i really do appreciate it.
Lots of love to you both Ciao for now Moonie

Jayne said...

I fink u fixed the music fing - sounds good now :-)