Monday, June 30, 2008

Well Blow Me Over With A Feather

I tell you I just smaak this bloody internet - lately - thanx to SA Reunited and Friends Reunited giving free membership now - so now I don't have to just nudge people I can actually email them and also thanx to Facebook - I have managed to get in touch with people way way back into my past.

I have to say I was absolutely delighted and blown away to get hold of this oak...

When I was 4 years old my sister (pictured in the pic) took a bet with me saying that I would never marry - apparently as fondly told by both parents - I called this good look'n fella up and announced my intentions and asked if he would marry me and he replied Jaaaaa Alison hahahahah - well over the years life took over and that oakie and this chickie took their separate paths - until yesterday when I got the most delightful email in my inbox after doing a search and inquiring about whether he is or isn't the one I asked to marry me when I was 4 years old.

Isn't the world a small place - he is married to a lovely lady - they make such a handsome couple and their daughter and her hubby look like a happy family. He is a grand pappie too, to boot as well as a serious biker - not sure what type of bike he has but I sure will find out hahahah JAYNE WITH A WHY - I'm thinking of you here. Rev that Harley baby!!!!

Here are some more pics of us toddlers...

This is my mom, the oak and moi in the kiddies pool taken in Zambia I am not sure if it was Kalulushi or Kitwe or if Kalulushi was a suburb of Kitwe but anyway ...

I remember my mom having a fond smile when wandering down memory lane with this one of N's mom complaining that she couldn't get him to get out of nappies, so my mother asked if she could give it a try and well - he did the deed and she put him in the bath with his shitty nappy and said "nou was dit" (now wash is)  and locked the door - jaaa Bee was a kwaai tannie - and she said about 10 min later she heard this voice shouting, Beeeee Beeeeee Beeeeee hierdie kak stink!!!!!! (this shit stinks) She giggled when telling this story and said he learned very quickly after that and shortly afterwards wasn't wearing nappies any longer.

This one was taken at my birthday party I have no idea how old I was on this day, the Oakie pokie hahaha is in the background checking out the booty!

This was taken sometime later as you can see - a little older but still big cannonies...

I think the last time I saw him I was about 10 or 11 years old - I will never forget - as embarrassing as this was - I still remember rolling on the floor laughing. My folks and I went visiting one time and him, his sister and I were playing hide and seek. Well the sister was counting and him and I hid under his mothers dressing table on our haunches - well I nearly platzed - we were as quiet a mice, we saw the sis walk in and he said shhhhh not a word and we were quiet.... you could hear a pin drop and the next thing I farted KLIP HARD well I nearly died - and he said "Agggg Neee Alison het jy get poep" well I laughed, he laughed and of course our secret hiding place was compromised. Needless to say the game was over - but I will never forget that because I was knapping hey and I thought I would just slip it out quietly and it wouldn't make a noise well shoooot fire - never mind noise it sang by going up a few octaves and then down hahahahahahah - I know I was also very embarrassed  - funny what one remembers hey.

Anyway its just wonderful to be in contact with him and his family again - and N if you are reading this I am so chuffed - you look well and so does your family - but folks I just had to share that with y'all - isn't technology just blerrrrry marvelous hey - I am just so happy. Spot ja later China's!!!


Cosmic Debris said...

Holy Cow!!! Ally, I was sitting at my desk at work when I started reading this and it brought tears to my eyes. I had to make a duck outside before anybody bust me bawling behind my desk. :) I cant believe you still have those pics.

Haha, I had a groovy hair style those days! Well I suppose its better than having no hair at all, not that it bothers me.

Oh, and Kalalushi where we lived was a mining village 10 miles through the jungle from Kitwe. Since there was no hospital in Kalalushi we were both born in the Kitwe government hospital as far as I know. Our parents later moved to Kitwe.

It would seem that getting off the nappies is a problem in my family. My grand daughter is three and a half and still, when she sits down quietly somewhere we grab her and rush her off to the toilet before she leaves us a big shit in her pants :-)

Hey, you remember us eating fried "chonganono" (locust) and "nShima" (Pap)with Lamoemba the garden boy? Your mother came to investigate what we were up to at the servants room and was shocked to see us eatin very large insects. She called my mother who nearly puked but aunty Bee said she would eat anything once, helped herself to one and munched it. (She fried flying ants with salt and pepper once :)) Well that had my mother running for the house! hahaha We ended up having to go find more chonganono for Lamoemba because we ate his breakfast, it was so lekker. Geez you remember those things. They were huge and if you got kicked by one it would bleed and burn like hell. Lamoemba taught me a special technique to catch them and rip off their legs without getting hurt. :-D

Moonie said...

Oh my goodness eating Worms HELL no I don't remember that hahahahahaha but I do remember being in the maids quarters eating pap with the hands and mulling it in my hand and dipping it in sauce - it was Delicious and to this day that is my preferred way of eating pap - I remember my mom battling to get me to eat at a table with a knife and fork for a while after that.
But you are right about my mother would eat anything once - I cant believe she fried flying ants OH YUKKKK - old Bee Bee she sure was a bok for a joll hey???
I remember your Dad when the xmas beatles would fly and he would catch them and moer them against the wall hahahaha to kill them - I can still hear his voice - was extremely fond of him. But then I think many people liked him - he had such a good sense of humour too.

I would really like to hear some more of your memories N so when you remember tik boet tik okay - i too btw have tears in my eyes - I am so pleased to be in contact with you I cant tell you over the years how often I have thought about you and your Dad and Mom. Spot ya later!

Anonymous said...

Jiiiirrrre two spuds have got tears in your eyes..and I have got a piss in my pants....that was now one of the best blogs I've read this year..!

By the way Nev, I told Ally to tell you that i remember the 'One Zambia, One Nation' schpiel...when that sheeit came on my Ouma would shout back, 'One Airport, One Station'

Gotta love the net, it has brought a lot of old friends together again, it's really the best!

Please don't be scarce, these comments deserved a post of their own...

Jayne said...

Bloody magic hon, reading about the 'old days' & things you tend to push to the back of your mind. I'll never forgt my first few weeks & months, as a new immigrant to SA. I was 16 & a total rebel-without-a-clue...........I was SOOO lost! Oom Dani op Springbok Radio, the ads for Black Cat Peanut Butter, David Gresham doing the Top 20 on a Saturday morning.......Beechies gum at something like 2c a pack - I used to chow the bloody things like there was no tomorrow. Over the years, I've blocked out a good proportion of memories from my childhood in the UK - by choice - lets just say there's stuff that needs to be forgotten, so for me, my '2nd' childhood was my new home in SA. I envy you skattie, as you had the 'real thing' & I was just a late comer :-)

A truly wonderful post hon xxx