Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Dark Raven said...

Hey...have'nt you posted this slide show before??? I think you need to take some pics of your new spot, I haven't seen it yet.
I meant to ask you, did you loose the cute green kitchen dresser in the fire...gawd i hope not! I loved that dresser!
spot ye

Jayne said...

Fire, what fire?
I recently did a slide show for my sisterbylaw, of her mum (my motherbylaw, aka grandma). She was so thankful & it made me feel good. It's a lovely little gadget hey!

Moonie said...

WOW sorry its taken me so long to reply to this I missed your comments here - because i screwed up and posted this slide show twice - so yes Raven - youre right Im slap gat hahahah and no thank goodness the green banana didnt burn - i will however have to be painted again as the paint melted off it.

Jayne the slide show thingy is great i agree - works well when ya know how hahahah - and about the fire - we lost our home to a fire last year - thank goodness we are all okay - i was the only one home at the time so the dog and i are fine and thank goodness we manage to save a lot of the big things that cost bucks to replace - but we did lost quite a lot and we lost our home - we now are renting and hopefully will be buying a place soon. So thats the long and the short of it i guess. A shit thing to go thru but what doesnt kill ya makes ya stronger huh

Hugs to both of you Moonie